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Wixpa is a better place to start opening and selling on TikTok

TikTok’s leading partner based in UK helps TikTok Shop sellers from newbies to professionals grow revenue with TikTok Ads and attractive white-listing features only available at Wixpa.

Open Shopping Ads feature in just 3-5 days

Open special feature Shopping Ads – reach the right target customers with TikTok Ads

Open limit of 100 orders

Receive unlimited order opening every day when joining TikTok Shop account at Wixpa Agency 

Turn on the Live PC feature

Turn on the Live PC feature to allow smoother, sharper, more detailed, and uninterrupted lives

Newbie Jumpstart Your Journey to Success

Sellers on other platforms want to start with TikTok Shop but haven’t started yet.

Need a companion to guide you to open a shop, and handle problems encountered during operation?

Already have a source of products and want to build a TikTok Shop system to push orders quickly.

Need someone who specializes in TikTok Shop to debug and unlock features?


The Shopping Ads and Live PC feature are currently only in the beta test phase of TikTok, TikTok side will only grant it to large stores with high revenue with other strict conditions. However, when you run ads with an agency account and are protected by TikTok’s agency, the agency will support you to contact TikTok to unlock this feature even if you are just a small shop

Runs with coins on the phone: costs 10.8% tax, does not target customers deeply, does not multiply ad groups or increase advertising budgets for effective ad groups, no shopping cart appears on ads.

Runs Live Shopping Ads through Agency account: shopping carts appear during the advertising, with effective ad groups that can be replicated or increased budgets, target customers more deeply, NO 10.8% TAX.

According to TikTok’s proposal, each Ad set is at least 20 USD to test the effectiveness of Ads. Wixpa recommended $200 budget is to ensure a minimum ad spend. However, during the use of the service, if your ad account is not locked due to a violation of TikTok’s policy, you can be refunded at any time when you stop using the service.

Wixpa is an advertising accounts management platform, automatic deposit, and withdrawal developed by Wixpa under the endorsement of TikTok, helping customers to actively manage advertising accounts, actively depositing and withdrawing money. Now more than 10,000 customers from all over the world can actively manage their advertising accounts and advertising cash flow via this automated system.

Wixpa  has a team of technical support, product advice, ad campaigns from 8 am – 9 pm, Monday to Sunday via Facebook Messenger, Zalo, or Whatsapp. We answer all questions of customers when operating TikTok Shop. With problems we can not handle, TikTok will support you directly.

Wixpa is the official Partner of TikTok. The company’s information is published on TikTok’s Marketing Partner page. You can view it here. Instead of submitting an application yourself, waiting for 30 days but not sure to open the whitelist features, when using  Wixpa advertising account, we can help you contact TikTok’s team directly to send a request for expedited approval within 3-5 days.

If your ad violates TikTok’s policies and is closed by TikTok, the funds in the ad account will be frozen. If you have not transferred money from the Wixpa to the TikTok Ads account, you can get a refund of the remaining amount on the Wixpa .

Wixpa you step by step until you get to the camp and supports troubleshooting, handling all problems during your ads but not directly touching your ad campaign.

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